Germany home to more than 1,000 militants; Islamophobia on rise

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October 20, 2010 21:12

A German youth carrying a national flag and an anti-Islamic sign during a protest in Cologne, Germany, in 2009. Photo - Wolfgang Rattay/Reuters

Who: The Federal Crime Office of Germany (BKA).

What: German authorities had classified 131 Islamists as “instigators” of terrorism and held files on a further 274 individuals deemed relevant, the BKA revealed. “Security officials in Germany believe there are more than 1,000 Islamists ready to commit violence,” the nationwide police agency said in a statement for its autumn congress.

Where: The report was published by the German federal investigation bureau in the capital city of Berlin.

When: The authorities revealed their findings on Wednesday, 21 October.

Why: The report comes at a time when the role of immigrants, especially of fundamentalist Muslims, in German society is under intense debate. According to German security agencies, a recent tip off from an alleged German militant captured in Afghanistan disrupted widespread terrorism plans in the country. Many captured Islamists say they’re against the presence of German troops in occupied Afghanistan and want an immediate withdrawal.

How: A study by a centre-left foundation showed 58 percent of Germans said Muslims’ rights to practice their religion in Germany should be considerably limited. Around 44 per cent of Germans agreed with statement like “I don’t like Arabs” in a 2003 poll. Now the figure stands at 55 percent, the study added. It also showed that ideas once hallmark of the neo-Nazis are now being embraced by the mainstream German society.

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