2010 Year Review

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December 30, 2010 08:46
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2010 year review outernationalist

To write a year review in few lines is never an easy task. To pick the top stories from a year that had more than its share of suffering, sensation, dirty politics, hope, revelation, and contradictions, the review required a lot of inspiration from some iconic photographs that left an indelible mark on our memories during 2010.

Following are the 12 stories of this year that moved millions of people around the world and will have an impact on the events in near future:

Thousands of people died in suicide attacks on processions, demonstrations and other public gatherings across Pakistan. Photo - Rizwan Saeed/Reuters

Pakistanis Caught in the Crossfire

It was the first day of the year and brought bad news for Pakistan, a nation of more than 160 million souls. On 1st of January, a suicide bomber claimed the lives of 95 people and injured over 100 other spectators who were watching a volleyball game in Lakki Marwat district, northwestern Pakistan. Thousands of people, most of them innocent civilians, were killed in at least 2 dozen suicide and car bombings across the country this year by an enemy that has no visible face, protected by a few powerful hands and loathed by the masses.

To worsen the matters, US drone attacks in north-west tribal areas rained death and destruction on innocent civilians, claiming hundreds of lives. Analysts believe the predatory airstrikes mostly destroy the lives and properties of innocent civilians and have managed to target only a handful of ‘suspected terrorists’. The unlawful and illegal US actions are termed as an aggression by human rights groups and political parties in the country and remain deeply unpopular among the Pakistanis.

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