Diaries from Afghan War Zone: Quaking president in a complicated society

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January 26, 2011 21:05

Hamid Karzai inaugurated the second democratic Afghan parliament on Wednesday but he was sad and angry when he mentioned in the end, “I apologise if I’m angry some times”.

Afghanistan is in the first weeks of the most difficult and dangerous year. It’s almost ten years of fighting against terrorism and extremism and this president increases our problems. He is angry just because some of the supporters from his tribe could not go to a parliament which does not have any power to change any thing.

“We should not let those bad dreams which they have dreamed for us, comes true,” he said in his speech. The crisis started when Karzai somehow showed his dissatisfaction over the parliamentary elections when his tribal friends lost their seats. He managed form an irregular “Special Court” to cancel the result and somehow bring back friends from his Popalzai tribe. This was one of the “bad dreams” he dreamt but blamed the foreigners. He have forgotten a lot of things recently!

How can a country be managed with a person who is depressed and takes some stupid decisions and then forgets them? He has forgotten that Afghanistan is in the middle of an unclear war which has made all people so tired and angry!

Karzai just repeats whatever Ahmadinejad says in his speeches but forgets that he is not in Iran. He should be clear that we don’t have anyone higher than our constitution and we don’t have any one from the God’s side to decide for us.

Who should talk and explain about national interests? It is people not you, Mr. Karzai.

Everything started so sad and complicated in 2011. I applied for a visa to the US as I was invited to the Sundance Film Festival which is one of the biggest and most important film festivals around the world but they did not issue a visa for me.

US troops started another operation in Helmand just after Christmas and Iran has closed the borders for fuel. Now the price of fuel is so high in the market that everything has become so expensive and poor people are punished for reasons that no one knows…

Where are we going?

Massoud Hossaini is a 29-year-old photo journalist from Afghanistan who has been covering the war in Afghanistan since the last several years. He frequently embeds with the coalition forces in Afghanistan to find out the other side of the story. His stories can be read on http://massoudhossaini.blogspot.com. Diary written by Massoud Hossaini; Edited & Published by Moign Khawaja.

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