Diaries from Afghan War Zone: A Bloody Friday

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January 28, 2011 20:13

Bodies of the dead carried away from the scene after a suicide bombing hit Kabul's Fine Supermarket that was frequented by foreigners and rich Afghans. Photo - Massoud Hossaini

I was having a good time with my relatives when my Iranian photographer friend called me and told me about an explosion in the city’s posh Wazir Akbar Khan district. It was hard to believe but when another friend of mine called me and repeated the same thing then I had believe.

I drove fast to reach there. The Finest super market is a market run by people from Ismaeli sect, the followers of Aga Khan, and a place that I and my other local and international friends normally do our shopping from.

The broken glass shards were scattered everywhere and policemen trying to keep the journalists away. I saw a body lying on the ground with a fabric on it. Fire fighters then brought another dead body and it was of a woman, her body was badly burnt but I could see the shoes on her feet. She was a foreigner.

They carried out another destroyed and dead body which was of a woman. Every one was a quite sad but when the security personnel took out a small body everyone could not hold their tears. It was the body of a child who could be around eight years old. The security personnel really wanted to keep the people away from that body as every one was very angry and sad. I saw his face through my camera for a second and took a picture. Later when I saw it on the screen of my desktop it really hurt me.
His small face was totally red and his hair completely burnt. I saw his little shoes and I was very close to cry.

I saw two other destroyed bodies which the doctors and fire fighters were trying to put inside an ambulance but it was difficult because they were maimed. I saw some of my foreign friends who were very sad and scared. I’m sure they were thinking the same things like me. I remembered the last present which I bought for my fiancee from the Fine supermarket to make her happy and I recalled the faces of those people who were working there.

I went back to my office and started sending my pictures. Every picture I looked at made me more sad. I finished my job and left the office to go home and I passed the super market again. It was destroyed and no one was there. Not even the mobile credit card sellers and money changers who normally run to my car, say greetings and happily to change my money.

Now I’m in my fiancee’s room sitting on the bed and watching TV which is showing scenes of the revolution in Egypt. A police car wildly attacked people and tried to kill them. What a Friday!

Islamic Party of Gulbuddin Hekmatiar and the Taliban both took the responsibility of today’s atrocity and I’m sure they thought their suicide attacker is in the Paradise with 70 virgins. Our weak president thinks how he can make peace with these people. If Egyptian are getting their freedom, we are dying every day for nothing! 🙁

Massoud Hossaini is a 29-year-old photo journalist from Afghanistan who has been covering the war in Afghanistan since the last several years. He frequently embeds with the coalition forces in Afghanistan to find out the other side of the story. His stories can be read on http://massoudhossaini.blogspot.com. Diary written by Massoud Hossaini; Edited & Published by Moign Khawaja.

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