Worst 5 Middle East Leaders – Weekly Chart

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September 30, 2011 21:21
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Middle East region is an awkward mix of ancient monarchies, life-long dictatorships and pseudo democracies that continue to plague the lives of millions of people through systematic violence, intimidation, corruption, kleptocracy and other abusive ways.

Outernationalist.net compiled a list of five Middle Eastern leaders that have been at their worst during this week.

#5: Bahrain King Hamad bin Eisa Al Khalifa

bahrain al-khalifa cartoon

Bahrain King Hamad bin Eisa Al Khalifa's caricature drawn by Carlos Latuff. Photo - CartoonPeril2011


– A Bahraini military court has handed a 15 years sentence to 20 medics on charges of plotting a revolution, possession of illegal weapons and ammunition, forcefully taking control of hospital and its personnel, stealing medical equipment and fabricating stories to disturb public security. The team of 20 doctors, nurses and paramedics maintained their innocence and insist they treated opposition protestors. They also accused Bahraini authorities of extracting a confession through torture. Human rights groups described the sentences as “a travesty of justice”.

– Bahraini authorities arrested around 38 women and seven young girls for holding a protest during last week’s parliamentary by-elections. Amnesty International fears they have been badly treated and tortured.

– Bahraini security forces arrested 46 opposition protestors of which 32 were given jail sentences of 15 years.


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