A visit to Isola del Gran Sasso in Italy

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October 7, 2012 21:08

Gran Sasso, the highest mountain of the Apennines chain in Italy.

A combination of dazzling natural beauty, perfect serenity with a touch of spirituality, Isola del Gran Sasso of Italy attracts tourists and religious pilgrims from around Europe and the world to spend vacations and worship at the Saint Gabriel.

Wallowed in lush green of the National Park of Gran Sasso, Isola del Gran Sasso is a small town, located at the foot of the highest mountain in the Apennine chain of Teramo province in the Abruzzo region of Italy.

isola cathedral

Church of Saint Gabriel. Photo - Fazal Khaliq

“Wow, this is the place I dreamt for my vacations. The lush green valleys around with serenity resides in every corner of it, plus the grand structure of the Saint Gabriele Church multiples its value,” a tourist told me.

Living in the panoramic part of the world, residents of the Isola are very much hospitable and cooperative. There are only few hotels to accommodate guests with high level of hospitality.

isola hotel

View of Hotel Pina. Photo - Fazal Khaliq

Among them, Hotel Pina, is surely, an ideal spot for the tourists which is located in the lap of the mountain Apennines, just in front of the Saint Gabriele Church. “The best thing of the Hotel Pina, is its location. One can reach all the tourists spots very easily. It is like a junction giving access to all the surrounding areas,” Matilde, a family member of owner of the hotel, said.

The hotel is run by a family which has kept it running since 1966. Actually, many pilgrims and tourists would visit this place for whom there was no other place to stay and be served. Giusppina D’Archivio inaugurated the hotel in order to facilitate pilgrims and tourists. “Our sole responsibility is to provide hospitality in the area with a traditional touch and provide a friendly environment so that the guests keep us in their memories and prayers for the rest of their lives,” Liviana, the owner of the hotel said while adding that the hotel was named after her mother who had founded it.

isola cafe

Having a cup at the hotel's cafe. Photo - Matilde

The specialty of the hotel, apart from its hospitality, is the traditional foods it offers. Rosette of Scrippelle, Maccheroni alla chitarra and potato dumplings are offered to the guests by its owners. “Tourists from around the world must come to Isola to discover nature, culture and folklore which is an unmatchable distinction of the area,” the owner said who has been inviting tourists from around the world.

“If someone wants to discover various flavours of nature, orchards of olive, many tracks of the national park and its different native species accompanied with the world’s finest wines, they should come to Isola for real leisure of mind and soul,” said one of the tourists staying in Hotel Pina.

streets of isola

The Old Church at Isola del Gran Sasso. Photo - Fazal Khaliq

Isola del Gran Sasso, with all its natural and spiritual appeal, offers some historical attractions to the tourists. Places like the medieval walls, Church of San Massimo, Church of San Giovanni and Insualm, Medieval castle and Sanctuary of San Gabriele are must-see places of the Isola.

isola monument

A monument on the way to Chuch of Saint Gabriel. Photo - Fazal Khaliq

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