Republicans hit by Tea Party storm

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September 15, 2010 19:59
tea party

Tea Party activists holding a march in Washington D.C. Photo - NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

Who: Conservative movement.

What: The Republican establishment took a surprise hit when veteran candidates lost to newbies in the party’s primary elections for the Senate. In a result that stunned political pundits, Christine O’Donnell scored the biggest in a string of Tea Party upsets this year over nine-term Representative Michael Castle, a popular former governor and one of the last Republican moderates in the U.S. Congress.

Where: The GOP suffered blows from the Tea Party movement in the states of Delaware and New York. Another candidate is locked in a neck and neck competition in New Hampshire. They have earlier won Senate nominations in Nevada, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky and Alaska.

When: The poll results came on Tuesday, 15 September.

Why: The Tea Party is described as a grassroots conservative movement that supports limited government and opposes high government spending. It takes its name from the colonial era protest movement against British imperial rule. The movement is seen as a sign of frustration and dissatisfaction of general public with President Barack Obama as well as the establishment in Washington including the Republican congressmen and senators.

How: Many voters said they are fed up of old politics. “The people of Delaware have spoken. No more politics as usual,” Christine O’Donnell, the pro-Tea Party candidate echoed the public sentiment at a victory rally in Delaware.

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