Israel seizes pro-Palestinian Jewish aid boat

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September 28, 2010 15:05

Israeli navy commandos intercepting Gaza-bound peace yacht in the Mediterranean Sea. Photo - EPA/Israeli Defense Forces

Who: 10 Jewish peace activists including an 82-year-old Holocaust survivor.

What: Israeli navy intercepted a British-flagged yacht carrying Jewish peace activists and a few tonnes of aid including medicines, therapeutic toys, water purifiers and outboard engines. Reports said Israeli commandos assaulted the activists including the use of Taser on an Israeli air force pilot turned peace activist.

Where: Peace activists onboard ‘Irene’ said the boat was captured by the Israeli forces in international waters, few kilometres off Gaza coast.

When: Naval commandos boarded the aid vessel at 11:30 local time on Tuesday, 28 September.

Why: The Israeli foreign ministry labelled the peace voyage ‘a politically motivated provocation’. “Its entire intention was to generate media attention and (stage) a provocation. This matter is especially regrettable as we are talking about a group of Jews and of Israeli citizens, and even someone who has worn an IDF officer’s uniform,” Israeli forces chief spokesman Avi Benayahu said in his statement to the media. Jewish activists insist they wanted to help their Palestinian brethren and resist the illegal and immoral Israeli seige on Gaza Strip.

How: Activists from Israel, Germany, Britain and the United States assembled in northern Cyprus port of Famagusta to sail humanitarian aid across the Mediterranean Sea to help besieged Palestinians in Gaza. Israel resists such moves and continues to blockade the densely populated Gaza Strip by not allowing free movement of goods and civilians.

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