How they make suicide bombers

October 10, 2010 21:27

A teenage suicide bombers handing himself in to the police at an unidentified location.

Emotional blackmailing is the key to suicide bombing, reports Fazal Khaliq from the insurgency-hit Swat Valley in northern Pakistan.

Intense emotions can undermine a person’s capability for rational decision-making, even when the individual is aware of the need to make careful decisions.

Psychologists agree that in early teen age, a person does whatever he/she likes, without knowing how to use logic and reason. As a result he/she can not differ between right or wrong.

This might be the reason why 99% of the suicide bombers used by terrorists are teenage boys. The masterminds of the suicide bombings use the tool of emotional black mail to control these young minds. They are trained on the approaches of extremism and brainwashed into achieving their goals. Their extreme feelings of stress, shock, anxiety and frustration are aroused and blown out of proportion. They are told about the terrible living conditions of Muslims around the world and emphasise there is no apparent hope of change or improvement except for suicide attacks.

The orchestrators of terror attacks give great regard and value to the suicide bombings and assure the perpetrators a reserved place in the Heaven — a world where the bomber will have lofty mansions, beautiful scenery, great food with plenty of delicious meats, fruits, vegetables, rivers of honey and milk, and other infinite gifts. Plus anything he desires will be granted by Allah Almighty. All winners of Paradise will enjoy the service of the young servants and virgin Houris (a beautiful young woman dwelling in the Heaven).

The trainers heavily emphasise that Islam needs them and only they are the protectors of the great religion. This is the starting point at which a teenager decides instantly to save his religion and enjoy the life in the Heaven with Houris.

But who is responsible when the teenage boys are pushed in the dark vales of death? Majority of the suicide attackers are the students of Madrassas who are admitted by their parents to get religious education and handed over to the mullahs for their secure future. After that, the parents often do not know what is happening to their children.

Zubair, a young boy in his early teens, launched a suicide attack on the Mingora Police station in Swat Valley. Following are the words he said just before the attack in a video tape released by the Taliban: “I got ready to do this suicide attack because these infidels (The Americans and Jews) have inflicted a lot of cruelties on Muslims. I think only for this Allah Almighty will impose Shariah Law in Swat over my flesh and blood and give me some part in Islam. People say that parents of Fidayeen (suicide attackers) take money in turn of their child’s attack, my parents even don’t know my whereabouts”

In this regard Qari Shamsur Rehman, a local Madrassa teacher, said parents entrusted their children to us and then it is our responsibility to teach them the true essence of Islam. “These children become part of our home,” the religious teacher said while adding, “I do reject this notion that all the suicide attackers are the output of Madrassas. However, I accept that majority of the students are teenagers but Islam forbids suicide attacks”.

The Swati madrassa teacher explained: “Only two or three percent children become tools of such people and this is because they don’t have any judgment. They can not think in the right way. They consider madrassa a burden and a place of suffocation where they are not happy so they seek an escape. That’s how they get into the hands of extremists and commit suicide attacks.”

Teenage boys in Swat and other parts of the country can be recruited easily for suicide attacks, bomb blasts and other terrorist activities but neither government nor any national forum takes steps to stop such people getting involved in these extremist activities.

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