Portfolio of my entire published work listed in categories:


5 Reasons the US lost the War in Afghanistan
A hard-hitting piece about the misadventure millions of people are paying a price to a selected few.
14 October, 2011

War and Peace in Kurdistan
A detailed look at one of the oldest conflicts in the Middle East and exposing the reasons that plague this beautiful region on earth.
20 September, 2011

9/11: Unanswered Questions
The world has changed since then but people are asking the same questions over and over. The silence is deafening…
9 September, 2011

Libya: The Other Side of the Story
Has the legitimate revolution of Libyan people being hijacked by the oil-hungry NATO powers?
30 August, 2011

Gwadar Mega Dreams: Too Good to Come True?
What happened of the tall promises the Pakistani establishment made to remove the grievances of Balochistan?
17 August, 2011

Pakistan: The Regime That Always Rules
Exposing the people who always benefit from the status quo
26 April, 2011

Vicious Circle: Life and Death of Indus Delta
Exclusive Cover story of Express Tribune Magazine
28 March, 2011

Revolt Checklist: 10 Reasons the Masses Seek to Overthrow the Rulers of the Middle East
The Ultimate List that will make you understand WHY is it happening
25 March, 2011

Gwadar: An Unfulfilled Dream
An exposé of a dangerous journey that got published as the exclusive cover story of Express Tribune Magazine
27 February, 2011

Pakistan’s Blasphemy Scenario in 3D
The killing of Liberal stalwart Salman Taseer and his legacy. Was he really the same we are being told?
9 January, 2011

2010 Year Review
12 months of a year, 12 stories to hear
30 December, 2010

Citizen: Being a Pakistani
Panorama of the life of an ordinary Pakistani
7 October, 2010

9/11: Unanswered Questions Nine Years On
Analysis of a ‘conspiracy theorist’. Wasn’t Galileo a conspiracy theorist too?
11 September, 2010

Sights & Sounds of Eid-ul-Fitr
The all-important Muslim festival captured in fascinating photographs and concise captions
10 September, 2010

Citizen: Being a Gazan
Panorama of the life of an ordinary Palestinian living in the world’s largest open prison
7 June, 2010

Balochistan: The Other Side of the Story
Every revolt has a reason. But Baloch reasons are yet to be heard and acknowledged
18 April, 2010

Of the Women, By the Women, For the Women
Gazan women celebrate the International Women’s Day in true spirit
13 March, 2010

Yemen in Focus
The factors that are failing this Middle Eastern country so badly
6 March, 2010

Maldives: A Bold and Historic Step for Change
The tiny Indian Ocean republic sees off an autocrat and signs up for a democratic change
31 October, 2009

9/11: Unanswered Questions
The world has changed since then but people are asking the same questions over and over. The silence is deafening…
16 September, 2009

The Unwinnables Part 1 & 2
Afghans never lost to foreigners. Never ever!
19 & 30 August, 2009

Banana Republic
Yet another coup in Central America, the USA’s very own backyard
11 August, 2009

Iran at the Intersection
The event that defined Iran’s future
21 June, 2009

Debating Hope for the Forgotten
Gazans trying to understand what Barack Obama’s ‘hope’ holds for them
11 June, 2009

Caught in the Crossfire
Pakistanis paying the price for being on everyone’s side
3 June, 2009

Bewildered Baku
Eye-witness account of the shooting spree in the Azerbaijani capital
9 May, 2009

100 Days, 101 Hopes
A review of US President Barack Obama’s first 100 days in power
2 May, 2009

Pirate, Who?
Somalis condemned for piracy but are they the real pirates?
[http://web.me.com/neomartian/Neo_Martians_Notes/Blog/Entries/2009/4/21_The_Punishment_for_Pirates.html] with pic
26 April, 2009

An Elusive Victory in Sri Lanka
When rulers assume that war is the ultimate solution and justify massacres
19 March, 2009

Fatal Frenzy in Germany
A German teacher expresses her views on the shooting spree in a German school
16 March, 2009

The Shooting Star: Kosovo Under International Rule
Independence achieved but undermined by the corruption of “Internationalists”
1 March, 2009

Gaza: Emergence from the Ashes
Israeli aggression on Gaza described by a survivor living in the world’s largest open prison
20 February, 2009

Pakistan: The Frontline State
What is the real price for being an ally of the world’s most powerful state?
15 February, 2009

Contrasts Between the World Forums
The elites in Davos, Switzerland vs the workers in Belem, Brazil
30 January, 2009

Who Will Save Israel from Itself?
Prof. Mark LeVine’s words explained with the help of photographs
19 January, 2009

Gainers/Losers of War in Gaza
If Israel thinks it defeated Hamas and won the war, they better think again
19 January, 2009

Bangladesh: Chance for a New Beginning
If break from the past really matters, then Dhaka has got a golden chance
12 January, 2009


Lunar Eclipse: Facts, Myths and Superstitions
An intriguing write-up for people who look beyond this celestial event
15 June, 2011

New Day, New Year
World’s most ancient spring festival explained
20 March, 2011

The Diversity of Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday
Some mark the event by not celebrating it, some celebrate it with style
16 February, 2011

Chinese New Year of the Rabbit
The 14 days that power China for the next 50 weeks
2 February, 2011

Diwali: The Festival of Lights
Celebration of the triumph of good over evil
5 November, 2010

Confucius: Great Sage, Humblest Master
Biography of one of the greatest ever philosopher of humankind
28 September, 2010

The Night of Destiny
The blessings of the holiest night in Islam described in pictures
5 September, 2010

New day, New Year
The ancient festival that stirs enthusiasm across West and Central Asia
21 March, 2010

Japan’s Flower Festival
From the Land of the Rising Sun comes a celebration of nature
9 April, 2009

Year of the Ox
Festival of the Chinese New Year
27 January, 2009


A Bittersweet Journey to Jerusalem
A Gazan girl travels to Jerusalem for the first time in her life
30 May, 2011

A Tale of War & Birth
The struggle of an Afghan family on the 9th anniversary of the Afghan invasion
8 October, 2010

Taliban’s Angels
An Afghan girl denied education but then given a doomed second chance
11 August, 2010


Woes, Views and Vows of Wonder Women Around the World
Women from across the globe speak out about their lives
8 March, 2011

Who is the real Jesus Christ
Is he the same person people knew 2000 years ago?
25 December, 2010

12 Most Powerful Women of the World
Profiles of women in charge of over a billion people around the world
2 December, 2010

Interview with IHH – The Organisers of Gaza Freedom Flotilla
The President of Turkish aid organisation expresses his views in the aftermath of the Israeli terrorism
16 October, 2010

A Word with the Floods
Devastation and destruction of ‘the floods of the century’. Whose fault is it actually?
29 August, 2010


Devil’s Advocate – TSA vs Air Travellers
Don’t say a word when your national security is at stake
25 November, 2010

Devil’s Advocate: U.S. Govt. v WikiLeaks
We will punish people who put our national security at risk
29 October, 2010

Muslim with double standards
Does Muslim hypocrisy exist?
8 July, 2010


U.N. Action Heroes
World leaders gather at annual UN summit to display their heroics
4 October, 2009


Devil’s Advocate: U.S. Govt. v WikiLeaks
We will punish people who put our national security at risk
29 October, 2010

Chechnya: Land of the Wolves
Fingers pointing at Chechens behind the suicide bombing but no one is asking the reasons behind it
5 April, 2010


Sorry Mr. Dashtiyari
Poignant piece of Wusat ullah Khan, BBC Urdu.com journalist, translated into English by Moign Khawaja
3 June, 2011

11 de Septiembre: Preguntas sin respuesta después de nueve años (Análisis)
22 September, 2010

Una Charla con las Inundaciones (Interview)
13 September, 2010

سيلاب كى كهانى، اس كى اپنى زبانى
7 September, 2010

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