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Moign Khawaja was born and grew up in the State of Kuwait. He was very young when the country was invaded by the Iraqi army on 2 August, 1990, under the orders of Saddam Hussein. The invasion subsequently led to the Gulf War I which changed the lives of millions of people in the region, including himself, and also transformed the conventions of war and global policy forever. “Despite being a kid, I knew very well that it is the watershed moment of my life which will have its implications forever,” he says while recalling the event. “For the first time I saw how the war looks like on the ground and how differently it is shown on the TV. I witnessed the first ever Media war and from that time I decided to become a journalist”.

He grew up watching BBC World, CNN, DW English and reading magazines like TIME, Newsweek and Asiaweek. The mid 1990s was the time when genocides and ethnic cleansing were taking place in Bosnia and Rwanda. He closely monitored the civil war in Afghanistan and Taliban’s capture of Kabul, Algerian insurgency, wars in Chechnya, separatist movement in Jammu & Kashmir, Islamist insurgency in Mindanao (Philippines) and Aceh (Indonesia), Shariah movement in Malakand (Pakistan), the independence movement of Kosovo and many other conflicts that shaped the contemporary history of the world.

After working for the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the Public Relations Officer from 2003-2006, Moign Khawaja decided to go to the United Kingdom to seek a masters degree in Journalism from the University of Lincoln. The Media Department of the University of Lincoln, which was inaugurated by celebrated journalist John Pilger, offers a comprehensive and hands-on degree on Journalism and Media. Even before the end of his course, he was offered an opportunity to work for BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

Moign Khawaja has written extensively on current affairs, politics, world conflicts, women’s rights, society and festivals. His in-depth features, photo essays, articles, analysis and commentaries have been published on Express Tribune, Foreign Policy Journal, Demockracy.org, Pulse Media, Bridges TV, Archetype in Action, Crisis Balochistan, and many other websites. He is currently writing two screen plays that involves the struggles of a girl in Afghanistan and the making of a revolutionary in a developing country.

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Moign Khawaja is also working as the editor of Arabian Gazette, a Dubai-based business news and media analysis website. Following is the link to the AG website:



WHAT Outernationalist is an online publication that is dedicated to providing the ‘other side of the story’ – often missing from the mainstream media that is patronized by corporate and state players. Outernationalist strives to provide not only the news but also the story behind it. It also offers features, analysis and stories that not only update the reader about the current situation but also educate about the background knowledge. Outernationalist’s mission is to give voice to the masses in all parts of our planet and encourage the readers to expand their insight of international affairs as well as participate in healthy debates on important issues that shape our future.

WHERE Outernationalist is an online publication with contributors spread all across the globe.

WHEN Outernationalist was founded on 19 August, 2010.

WHY The reason of publishing Outernationalist is simple. It draws its inspiration from the following Chinese proverb: “If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people”

HOW Outernationalist enshrines the right of the masses to question and debate any local, national or global policy by promoting healthy debates, critical analysis and alternative views.

WHO Outernationalist is the brainchild of Moign Khawaja, journalist and writer. The Kuwait-born journalist witnessed the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and subsequent Gulf War at the tender age of 9. Not only the conflict changed the course of lives of millions of people in the region, including himself, it also transformed the conventions of war and global policy forever.

The aim of the founder, Moign Khawaja, is to understand and uncover the socio-economic and political factors of our world that are destined to shape our future. “In order to live in a peaceful and harmonious world, we have to have an understanding of the different cultures, societies, economies, religions, festivals, etc. that not only bring diversity to our world, they also make it look more colourful and attractive,” a view the founder of Outernationalist.net truly believes in and wishes to promote through his writings.

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